New Sponsor and August Meeting

I’m thrilled to announce our new Sponsor: The Next Web and Kings of Code. Well known in Amsterdam and globally especially for the Kings of Code conference it is great to have them on board and a great addition to our team.

TNW will kickoff by hosting our August meeting at their offices. This month we will have Joshua Thijssen, renown PHP Speaker and upcoming author of “A guide to PHP Standard Library”, bringing up a very important topic: Security. In his talk “A history on security and how to win the battle”, Joshua will make us rethink how we design our applications and make sure security is in the from the beginning.

Last month we had a full house, so make sure to secure your spot by RSVPing on our meetup page. As usual our schedule is as follows:

  • 19h: Welcome Drinks
  • 19h30 to 20h30: A history on security and how to win the battle” by Joshua Thijssen
  • 20h30 onwards: Social, drinks and food, mingle and get to know new people

Additional information

Speaker: Joshua Thijssen

Joshua Thijssen is a freelance consultant, systems administrator anddeveloper. His passion lies in designing and working with complexprojects, working on high scalability and availability projects andhelping other to achieve higher standards in both coding and thinking.
He’s the author of the upcoming book “A guide to PHP Standard Library” and is regular speaker on both webdevelopment and system administration conferences. He is currently certified as a Zend PHP5, PHP5.3, Zend Framework, LPIC2, Ubuntu, MySQL DBE & MySQL DBA and has a wide range of programming skills. You can find his technical blogs on

Talk: “A history on security and how to win the battle”

Keeping our systems secure is a thing that already starts at the lowest levels of your CPUs. Security measurement after security measurement must be passed before your software or webapp is actually allowed to run or your data is allowed to be processed. And yet every day we keep hearing more and more stories about security leaks and data breaches.
Why is this happening? Are we such bad programmers? Are we not capable enough to write “secure web applications”? We are loosing this battle if we don’t change our security model and the way we deal with security radically. Here’s how…

Venue: The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the world’s largest online technology publications and organiser of events like The Next Web Conference and Kings of Code. At their Amsterdam HQ theyalso run other (PHP) projects like Twitter Counter, Paydro and Qwitter.
Nieuwe Achtergracht 17
1018XV, Amsterdam

July Meeting at WEBclusive

We are all ready for our next meetup, this time in July the 19th. This month we wil have the renown author of phpDocumentor 2 (previous DocBlox), Mike van Riel, come teach us about Responsive Design for Developers and why we need to worry about this, even not being front end developers.

This month we are going to meet in the WEBclusive offices in the famous Rozengracht.

Rozengracht 133-3hg
1016LV Amsterdam

Get more information and RSVP over on meetup


19h00 – 19h30: Welcome Drinks
19h30 – 20h30: “Going Responsive for Developers” by Mike van Riel
20h30 – ??: Socializing, beer and food


“Going Responsive for Developers”

Designing and creating a website that is suitable for both the desktop and mobile is a unique kind of challenge. In the past years we have seen the rise of Responsive Design; a methodology and mindset on how to make a website suitable for both platforms.

During this talk we’ll design a new website using Responsive Design and show what considerations and design decisions are to be encountered along the way.

About Mike van Riel

Mike van Riel is a Senior Software Developer at Unet B.V., an ISP for the corporate segment based in the Netherlands. In his spare time he is also Lead Developer of phpDocumentor, an API Documentation Generator for PHP.

With a passion for industry standards and Quality Assurance he loves nothing more than to discuss methods to improve code and ways to ‘Do-It-Better’™ in general.