AmsterdamPHP Podcast – Episode 1: The new and shiny

podcast-1400The AmsterdamPHP crew is proud to hand you a new participation opportunity and more new content for you to learn from, our podcast! This podcast will be a bar-table style conversation on topics related to the PHP ecosystem, so join us for a listen.

I this episode we dive into the new and upcoming features of PHP 5.5, 5.6 and beyond, tripping on our words, weeping about being stuck in older versions and even run away from discussing the HHVM. Join our semi-sober crew of four for a fun conversation that we hope you can even learn from.

Download the episode and don’t hesitate to leave you opinion in the comments, feel free to say we suck, or if we actually make you laugh, that would be great to know as well. Suggestions of new topics are always welcome!

Listen using the player below, or add this feed to your iTunes library.

Discussed in this episode: