Win a DayCamp 4 Developers #5 Ticket!

AmsterdamPHP believes in investing and forming new speakers to share their knowledge with the community in general. For this reason our stage is always open for new speakers who want to take the first step, and we are always happy to coach and provide feedback in these cases.

In the fifth edition of DC4D, Cal Evans has put together a super team of speakers who will guide you through your first stage experience and beyond. If you have ever wanted to get started as a speaker, this is the place to start.

Of course, once you are done learning over there, we want you to come back and grace our stage with your new and awesome talk. So to help this plan along we will be giving away one ticket for someone to attend DC4D#5 for free! It’s an online conference so that should be no problem for anyone.

How can you win?

It’s simple: “Send out a tweet and tell us why you want to be a speaker or why you think being a speaker is important for a developer’s career, and tag it with #amsterdamPHP” (you must be following @amsterdamPHP)

On Friday the 15th of March we will choose a random tweet and award the prize, so be sure to follow us on twitter so that we can send you a DM about the prize.

Kickoff Meeting

Tonight marks our first meeting and its going to be all about the group and its future. The main goal tonight is to do a think tank and brainstorm ideas for what we can do with the User Group.

If you can’t make it but have an awesome idea i want to be up in the mix, the leave a comment below, send us an email, post on facebook, just get your idea somewhere and we will bring it up. To know more about the meeting: visit meetup.